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History in the Making

From a crazy idea to reality.

The Tap Truck mobile bar saga continues in El Paso.


About Tap Truck El Paso

Growing up on the US-Mexico border ingrained in me the love for family, friendships, good food and tasty beverages. When leaving El Paso 16 years ago I always hoped to come back to this amazing binational community. During those 16 years away I worked hard, finished college, got married, and had a beautiful boy. While traveling for work we met amazing people and lived in different wonderful places. Our last destination was San Diego, CA where the outdoor activities, fun vibe, and the love for craft beer are world class. The combination of my Mexican-American heritage, mixed with my wife’s South American traditions and our fun experiences around the country is what led us to discover Tap Truck. Now, we are bringing the experience to El Paso, TX. Let us be the cool touch at your event.


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